Upper Lateral Program

 Sewer repair
Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District’s Upper Lateral Program helps offset the costs of repairing or replacing private sewer pipes for property owners in the greater Vallejo area.
Evaluations must be performed before the work is done. Owners must submit a Pre-Evaluation Questionnaire for approval. After you have filled out the form, read the Program Acknowledgement, fill in your address, sign, and mail, email or fax to the District. 
Application Instructions

Upper Lateral Process Overview
The application, called the Pre-Evaluation Questionnaire, is used to determine whether you are entitled to be reimbursed for work on your upper lateral, which is the sewer line from your house to the edge of your property.

The first question refers to the date when sewer service to your house was installed. Sewer service was generally installed when the first house was built on your property.
The second question is about recent problems you encountered with your sewer. Plumbers bills or photos should be attached as proof.
For the third question, place a check on the left and indicate the number of occurrences on the right. The number of occurrences for the three causes listed should add up to the answer of question two.
Read the Program Acknowledgment, fill in your address, sign and mail to us. We will then perform a field evaluation and determine if you qualify for the program. If you qualify for the program, we will determine the amount of reimbursement you are entitled to and will inform you via email.
Reimbursement Values for Owner Initiated Repair
The following reimbursement values are estimates for owner initiated sewer lateral repairs which have complied with procedures and criteria for evaluation for owner initiated repairs and have been determined to be eligible for reimbursement upon completion of the repair.

Length Range of Lateral
(Center of Two-Way Cleanout to
Center of District Cleanout​)

(Per Foot)

0 to 5 ft.​ Lump sum of $250
5 to 10 ft.​ $50
10 to 20 ft.​ $45​
20 to 30 ft.​ $40
30 to 40 ft.​ $35
40 to 50 ft.​ $30​
Upper laterals in excess of 50 feet in length shall be reimbursed at a rate of $25 per foot for each additional foot beyond 50 feet.
6” upper laterals shall be reimbursed at a rate of $10 per foot in addition to the reimbursement according to table above, and based on the entire length of the lateral
The part of the upper lateral requiring a trench 5 feet deep or deeper for installation shall be reimbursed at a rate of $10 per foot in addition to the reimbursement according to the table above.
Reimbursement may be made for cleanout installations. 2-Way Clean-outs shall be reimbursed at a lump sum of $400. District Clean-outs shall be reimbursed at a lump sum of $500
Reimbursement shall not exceed the amount of a paid invoice from a properly licensed contractor, if one was retained by the owner to perform the repair and installation. At no time will the reimbursement exceed the formulaic amount provided for in the ordinance. In cases where no paid invoice is provided, the reimbursement shall not exceed the amounts determined using the formula in the table above.
Reimbursement will not be made until after the installation has been inspected and approved. Your sewer bill must be current (no monies owed) and the District has received either:
  • A paid invoice for the work, or
  • The owner has presented a written request for reimbursement in cases where a properly licensed contractor was not retained.
Upper Lateral Program Brochure