Salaries and Benefits


This page contains information related to salary and wages, descriptions of classifications, and benefits. For more information, please contact the Human Resources department at (707) 644-8949 ext. 1105.


Salary Schedule Exempt

Salary Schedule Non Exempt

District Manager's Employment Agreement

Use this link to access the State Controller's website for the District's reported Board member and staff compensation.




District Benefits Cost Matrix

CalPERS Health Plans

Post-Employment Benefits

Medical Vesting for Post-Retirement Medical Benefits





The District Manager is responsible for all District Personnel, which is organized by the following departments:

Administration - managed by the Director of Administration/Clerk of the Board; positions include Office Assistant and Senior Office Assistant.

Engineering - managed by the Director of Engineering; positions include Engineering SupervisorAssociate EngineerEngineering Technician, and Senior Engineering Technician/Inspector.

Environmental Services - managed by the Environmental Services Director; positions include Community Outreach Coordinator, Environmental Compliance Inspector, Environmental Compliance SupervisorEnvironmental Specialist, Laboratory Aide, Laboratory Technician I, Laboratory Technician II, Laboratory Technician Supervisor.

Field Operations - managed by the Field Operations Superintendent; positions include Assistant Field Operations SuperintendentCollection Systems SupervisorCollection Systems Technician Entry Level, Collection Systems Technician/Equipment Operator, Collection Systems Technician I, Collection Systems Technician II, and Data Entry/Customer Service Technician.

Finance - managed by the Finance Director; positions include AccountantAccounting Specialist, Accounting Technician I/IICashier/Customer Service Technician, and Finance Supervisor.

Human Resources - managed by the Human Resources Director; positions include HR Technician.

Operations and Maintenance - managed by the Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance; positions include Facilities Maintenance Superintendent, Electrical Instrumentation SupervisorElectrician Instrumentation TechnicianInformation Systems SpecialistMaintenance Mechanic Entry Level, Maintenance Mechanic I, Maintenance Mechanic IIMaintenance Mechanic SupervisorOperator Entry Level, Operator I, Operator II, Operator III/IV, Shift SupervisorUtility Person/Truck Driver, and Wastewater Operations Supervisor.

Safety and Risk Management - managed by the Director of Safety/Risk Management; positions include Safety/Risk Management AssistantSafety/Risk Management Coordinator, and Safety/Risk Management Technician.


Accounting Specialist
Accounting Technician I/II
Assistant Field Operations Superintendent
Associate Engineer
Cashier/Customer Service Technician
Collection Systems Supervisor
Collection Systems Technician Entry Level
Collection Systems Technician/Equipment Operator
Collection Systems Technician I
Collection Systems Technician II
Community Outreach Coordinator
Data Entry/Customer Service Technician
Director of Administration/Clerk of the Board
Director of Engineering
Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance
Director of Safety/Risk Management
District Manager
Electrical Instrumentation Supervisor
Electrician Instrumentation Technician
Engineering Supervisor
Engineering Technician
Environmental Compliance Inspector
Environmental Compliance Supervisor
Environmental Services Director
Environmental Specialist
Facilities Maintenance Superintendent
Field Operations Superintendent
Finance Director
Finance Supervisor
Human Resources Director
HR Technician
Information Systems Specialist
Laboratory Aide
Laboratory Technician I
Laboratory Technician II
Laboratory Technician Supervisor
Maintenance Mechanic Entry Level
Maintenance Mechanic I
Maintenance Mechanic II
Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor
Office Assistant
Operator Entry Level
Operator I
Operator II
Operator III/IV
Safety/Risk Management Assistant
Safety/Risk Management Coordinator
Safety/Risk Management Technician
Senior Engineering Technician/Inspector
Senior Office Assistant
Shift Supervisor
Utility Person/Truck Driver
Wastewater Operations Supervisor