I want to report a problem


Sewer Overflow

Call us first, at (707) 644-8949. If you have a sewer backup or overflow, let us inspect it before you call a plumber. If the problem is in the District's part of the line, we will take care of it.  If you require a plumbing repair because the problem is in your sewer lateral, we may be able to offset the cost, if you apply for and are approved in advance through our Upper Lateral Program.

Storm Drain Violation

Only rain should flow down the storm drain. If you see someone putting something else in a storm drain, please call us immediately at (707) 644-8949. To reach our stormwater program coordinator during regular business hours, call (707) 652-7813. For more information on our stormwater program and issues relating to stormwater pollution, click here.

Billing Problems

Billings problems include lost or missing bill, property ownership has changed, or you have received notice of a lien, and more. Get help here.