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If your commercial development project has any discharge in excess of hand washing and toilet use, you must fill out a Pre-Treatment Questionnaire and submit it to the District’s Engineering Department for review.

If you are building or remodeling for a commercial business, refer to the appropriate requirements (restaurant, car wash, etc.) under the "I have a business" link to the left. As you prepare plans to build or remodel, you need to be familiar with the operating requirements with which the business will have to comply once it is opened. These requirements may have an impact on your plans to build or remodel.

Any change of use in residential or commercial sites that changes the amount, strength or type of sewer flow or increases your stormwater runoff flow requires you to also submit a Sanitary Sewer Information Form to the Engineering Department for review. Some work may also require a Sewer Encroachment Permit.

The easiest way to understand these various requirements is to call the District at (707) 644-8949 ext. 200. Based on your type of project, the Engineering Department will determine if any connection fees are due, which permits are needed, and what rates you will be charged. In most cases, your development plans will need to be submitted at the same time.

If your sanitary sewer or storm drain connection is changed in any way, even if there is no change of use, your project must be reviewed by the Engineering Department. Please submit your plans to the District office at 450 Ryder Street in Vallejo.

If you have any questions, please call us at (707) 644-8949 ext. 1100.
Plan review

All public or private sewer and drainage works proposed to be constructed, altered, or reconstructed by anyone within District boundaries requires review and approval by the District’s Engineering Department. This includes any altering of any storm drain channel, site drainage, or flood plain. Project documents (calculations, reports, plans, specifications, etc.) must be prepared in accordance with the Distrtict's Engineering Design Standards and Policies located in Appendix 2 of the Master Bid Document (MBD) and as modified in the Addendum to the Master Bid Document. Projects must be constructed in accordance with the requirements of the MBD. To initiate Plan Review, please submit a copy of your plans and the following form to the District:

Request for Plan Review

This form requests review of your plans and allows you to calculate the plan review fee.
Fill in the information on the top of the form down to the total number of units. Your fee is calculated as follows: $150 for up to six units, $25 each for the next four additional units, and $15 for each additional unit beyond a total of ten.

Concrete/Mortar Work
Please review the brochure below if your job includes concrete and/or mortar work.

Concrete and Mortar Brochure