I have a lien on my property


Did you receive a Property Lien notice?

Sewer service and storm drainage charges apply to all connected residential and commercial properties within the Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District boundary, and constitute a lien upon the real property served when they become delinquent.

If you received a 10-Day Notice, you have delinquent sewer service and storm drainage charges that must be paid by the due date shown on the letter. These charges have been outstanding for 90 days or more. If you do not pay the delinquent charges, the District will record a lien against the real property served. If you pay the delinquent charges (plus late payment and penalty) after a lien had been recorded, the District will provide to you a Release of Lien to record with Solano County if you request it.

Request A Lien Release

You must request lien releases to receive them. The District does not automatically send them. The fee to record a Release of Lien with Solano County is $12. Outstanding liens that have not been paid by the date of Public Hearing on Delinquent User Fees, separate notification sent, will be submitted to Solano County for collection on the property tax bill. The District will release all liens fully collected on property taxes at no additional charge to the customer.

The District’s customer is the property owner of record and the record owner is the party responsible for payment of sewer service and storm drainage fees. The District Code makes no provision for (1) a waiver of fees, (2) instances in which tenants that have not paid the fees, or (3) payment plans.

Information on account activity and payment history is available online or by contacting Customer Service at (707) 644-8976.