Understand Wastewater Rates


The Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District is responsible for carefully treating billions of gallons of sewage so it is clean and safe for our residents and environment. The District’s miles of
sewer pipes (a distance equivalent to driving from Vallejo to Riverside) need ongoing maintenance or replacement—portions near Mare Island date back to the 1850s Victorian era. These sewer pipes, the Vallejo-based wastewater treatment plant, and more than 35 sewage pump stations are reliant on public funding for proper maintenance.

The District is recommending updated sewer rates to address these aging infrastructure needs in a manner that is fair and equitable for every ratepayer. All business and residential ratepayers will be informed about these potential rate changes and opportunities to learn more and comment.

Please read the Prop. 218 notice below for details. If future rate increases are enacted, this is not a new tax, but an adjustment of your existing rate.

For more than a year, the District has been looking closely at our current rates and the critical infrastructure needs that we anticipate over the next 5 years. After careful review, on March 13, 2018, the District's Board of Trustees approved the following Rate Study.

2018 Wastewater Rate Study

Prop. 218 Notice

Guidelines for the Submission and Tabulation of Protests

Rate Handout

Frequently Asked Questions

The March-April issue of our newsletter contains an article about the current state of our infrastructure. You can read it here on page 2.

Most issues of our newsletter contains articles about sewer and stormwater improvement projects. You can read them here.