Mare Island Way Sewer Rehab
Mare Island Way Sewer Rehabilitation Project
Replacement and rehabilitation of approximately 800
feet of 36-inch diameter sanitary sewer main in Mare Island Way
between National Alley and Florida Street. The project will repair
severely deteriorated sewer mains constructed in the 1950s.
Schedule: September through December 2019
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Austin Creek
Austin Creek Sediment Removal Project
From July through mid-October 2019, the District will remove accumulated vegetation and sediment in Austin Creek between Sonoma Blvd. and Highway 37 in order to help prevent floods by increasing the capacity of the channel.
Project Manager: Natalie Muradian, Associate Engineer
(707) 558-3416
Alabama Street Sanitary Sewer Improvements
Alabama Street Sanitary Sewer Improvements
This project will rehabilitate approximately 1,300 linear feet of
sanitary sewer mains and laterals in easements of the 1300 blocks of Alabama and Tennessee Streets between Halliday and Amador
Streets. The project will replace deteriorated sewer mains installed in the 1950s that, due to structural defects and root intrusion, are
subject to sanita...
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Skibbereen/Monteith Storm Drain Improvements
Skibbereen/Monteith Storm Drain Improvements
Construction of 800 linear feet of new 36-inch
diameter storm drain to address localized flooding issues in the
vicinity of Skibbereen Lane and Monteith Drive. The new storm
drain lines will collect storm water flow from the project area and
covey it to the existing storm drain system at Fleming Avenue,
relieving existing capacity deficie...