What kinds of improvements does the District plan to make?

Ratepayers fund critical sewer infrastructure projects. Over the next five years, we anticipate upgrades and replacement rehabilitation to nearly every aspect of conveyance and treatment: 

Treatment Plant: Strategic and prioritized replacement of aging assets which are at risk of critical failure are needed, as well as improvements that address regulatory compliance. More than $45M is needed over the next 10 years, primarily focused on electrical systems, major piping, and treatment processes. Regulatory compliance improvements are estimated at over $120M in plant improvement work over the next 20 years. 

Sewer Pipes and Lift Stations: Approximately 100 miles of the sewer system is more than 70 years old. Over $15M is planned for rehabilitation and replacement of deteriorated sewer pipes over the next 10 years; critical capacity increases of over $10M are needed to reduce blended effluent discharges, and more than $10M in essential improvements are required on several mainland sewer lift stations. 

Solids Handling: Essential improvements are needed for upgrading the solids process to meet regulatory requirements and improve operations. 

Tubbs Island: Over $10M will be used to improve the District’s solids processing operations at Tubbs Island, including levee improvements that also address the effects of sea level rise. 

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