What are you doing about this?

The District has worked closely with independent experts to prepare updated sewer rates to address aging infrastructure in a fair and equitable manner. Single family residential rates will continue to be a flat rate as detailed on the table. If enacted, this would adjust the existing rate and is not a new tax. All ratepayers will have an opportunity to learn more about the proposed increases at public meetings and a public hearing.

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1. What is this issue about?
2. Why is this important?
3. Why is this a health and safety issue?
4. What are you doing about this?
5. What about ratepayers who can't afford this increase?
6. How do I know that funds will be spent responsibly?
7. What kinds of improvements does the District plan to make?
8. My house/family is a lot smaller than my neighbors, so why are we being charged the same amount?
9. How do these rates compare to others nearby?