Why is this a health and safety issue?

By law and for the health and safety of our residents, the District is required to comply with the proper treatment of wastewater—or run the risk of expensive state or federal fines or lawsuits. If raw sewage spills onto land or into water, it can present a health risk to our communities and pollute our lakes and waterways.

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1. What is this issue about?
2. Why is this important?
3. Why is this a health and safety issue?
4. What are you doing about this?
5. What about ratepayers who can't afford this increase?
6. How do I know that funds will be spent responsibly?
7. What kinds of improvements does the District plan to make?
8. My house/family is a lot smaller than my neighbors, so why are we being charged the same amount?
9. How do these rates compare to others nearby?