When and Where is the Public Hearing?

The public hearing will be accessible online starting at 5:00pm on November 9, 2021. The agenda will be available at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.  If allowed, the public hearing will also be in person at City of Vallejo Council Chambers located at 555 Santa Clara Street in Vallejo. 

Public Hearing Notice (in English) (PDF)
Aviso de Audiencia Pública (en español) (PDF)

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1. What are "Stormwater Services"?
2. Why Increase Rates?
3. Didn't We Just Approve a Stormwater Rate Increase?
4. What Service Improvements Will We See?
5. What will Residents Pay?
6. What Will Businesses Pay?
7. Will There Be Financial Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?
8. Why Not Just Use Sewer Fee Money For This?
9. How Do I Know the Money Will Be Used as Promised?
10. Does It Ever Flood in Vallejo?
11. My Property Doesn't Flood. Why Should I Have to Pay?
12. When and Where is the Public Hearing?
13. How Do I Protest the Proposed Fee Increase?
14. What Are the Next Steps?