What will Residents Pay?

If Vallejo property owners approve the proposed structure, the typical residential rate will gradually rise from $1.97 per property per month to $4.50 per month by 2027.  This service fee for typical residential properties has not increased since 1997. The proposed increase is necessary for the District to keep up with inflation, aging equipment, and new regulatory requirements. 

Amount per Month:

Fiscal YearStandard ResidentsLarge Lot Residential (0.24 acre and larger)High Density Residential
1997 to 2022$1.97$3.06$1.04
2022 to 2023$3.10$4.77$1.75
2023 to 2024$3.48$5.35$1.96
2024 to 2025$3.90$6.00$2.20
2025 to 2026$4.37$6.72$2.46
2026 to 2027$4.50$6.93$2.54

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