Business Rates

For most commercial building owners, you will be assessed an annual charge on the property tax statement for the building. How and whether these charges are passed on to building tenants is determined by the lease between the building owner and the tenant. The District has no opinion or recommendation on how or whether the District's fees are passed on to building tenants.

To determine in which group you property is, please contact us.

Sewer (Wastewater) Charges

Commercial sewer charges are made up of two components, a fixed monthly charge and an amount based on hcf or MG wintertime water usage. Commercial and industrial customers are categorized into groups. 

For a complete listing of commercial sewer charges, please refer to our most recent Schedule of Fees and Charges.

hcf = 100 cubic feet of water
MG = million gallons of water
BOD = Biochemical Oxygen Demand
TSS = Total Suspended Solids
BOD and TSS are based on sampling of facility waste

Storm Water Charges

Storm Water charges, also called flood control charges and storm drainage service charges, are collected based on which Group the building falls in. The groups are based on the building's relative storm runoff loads (light, medium or heavy, or special).

Group 4 facilities are charged in 2 parts.
Part 1: Hydraulic loading fee of $3.84 for every 1,000 sf of impervious surface
Part 2: Pollutant loading fee of $1.53 for every 1,000 sf of total land area

Service charge credit reductions are available, with a maximum credit of 40%. Please contact us for more information.

For a complete listing of commercial storm water charges, please refer to our most recent Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Upper Lateral Program

The Upper Lateral fee of $1.38 per month ($16.56 per year) is the sole funding source for the District's Upper Lateral Program. The program helps to offset the cost of repairing or replacing private sewer pipes in the greater Vallejo area.