Melissa Morton
District Manager
(707) 644-8949

Alexandria Bell
Director of Human Resources
Alexandria Bell
(707) 644-8949

MJ Brown
Director of Administration/ 
Clerk of the Board
Brown MJ photo
(707) 652-7808

Jennifer Harrington

Director of Environmental Services
Jennifer HarringtonEmail Jennifer Harrington
(707) 652-7806

Johnson Ho

Director of Operations & Maintenance
Johnson HoEmail Johnson Ho
(707) 652-7803

Justin Keating

Director of Field Operations
Justin KeatingEmail Justin Keating
(707) 644-8949 x1704

Mark Tomko
Director of Engineering

Mark TomkoEmail Mark Tomko
(707) 652-7801

Jeff Tucker
Director of Finance/Treasurer
(707) 652-7802